A King's Lament

A Dark Interlude

I see plans within plans

“Wheere arrre they nooow?”, he asked with almost slurring deliberation. Each syllable stretched not for emphasis but rather because he had time to stretch it out. It was a demonstration of his desire for eternal life. He HAD the time, you did not.

“Master, when I left them, they were within twelve hours of Seecey Island. They need to stop there to re-supply their ship on the middle route across the sea. The island is populated, and the residents are hostile.” He spoke with the elocution of a prince. After all, he WAS a prince in his realm. So near the plan of fire was, a few careful lines of spell weaved the correct way and he was at home. It may as well have been a thousand miles away, and he an indigent cripple. He was not going home any time soon.

“Whaaat of the cap-tainnn? Whhaat wasss hisss answerrrr?”

“Master, the captain refused to acquiesce to our demands. I even appeared to him as King Rowan. I’ve no doubt that he perceived my ruse and refused accordingly. I then killed him by the holy flames.” There was pride in his voice as he spoke of flames. It was the only pride he could muster given his circumstances. Thirty years on the Master’s service has not given him any sense of affection to this monstrosity.

“Verrrry Wellll. Mmmonitor theirrr prrogresss. See that theey meet withhh a viiolent ennnd. Ourrr assetsss arre available to commpleatt thisss tassk. Theeey cannot reach Skegnesss.”

“Master, I will judge their effectiveness on Seecey Island. It is very possible, they will die there, or at least lose enough to be forced to return to Steele. If this is the case, we can mount another incursion to kill the Queen. If they somehow survive, I will have others greet them more violently on the next two islands. They are committed now to going forward. It is farther to return than the remainder of the trip.”

“Goood. What of the other operative?”

“Master, he is in agreement and has been well compensated. He is definitively on our side. He will comply with our requests to the letter.”

“Excelllennt. They all mussst diiie.”



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