A King's Lament

Death in the Shadows

A threat to the Realm lurks in the dark

They moved swiftly and silently utilizing every shadow needed. The two in front would stop the party and stare at a spot in the wall or a doorway and study for a few minutes before proceeding unseen and unheard. The royal guards are good and in some cases are very deadly, but not tonight. On two occasions, there was no way to go around the sentries, only through them. p.

In those cases, the larger of the group waited for the go-ahead from the leaders and approached and dispatched each of the guards with precision and efficiency. Not a sound was made except for a gurgle and sigh from the last breath in their lungs. The bodies were pulled to the deep shadows to be discovered only after their mission was complete. p.

Their task would not end the war, but it would be the beginning. All good missions had a primary and a secondary task, and theirs was no exception. Two targets would fall under their blades tonight. Hopefully, quick and silent death would come with discovery to be made only after they were long gone in the darkness. Patience and focus were their best allies now. There was no room for error. Thirty minutes from now they would be on their way home with the head of the Queen in their packs….



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