A King's Lament

Murder on the High Seas

Second Session - 20 November 2011

While awaiting the re-supply of the Mary Celeste, the group decides to explore Astonhurst. Kokoro, Todd, and Thror choose to stay with the King and his aides. Kokoro asks about the bands that were attacking the city and their composition. Of all of the bands that attacked the city, the only ones that retreated alive were the few stone giants. Kokoro finds out that none were known to have been missing portions of their ears.

In this discussion, Todd Silverkin recognizes a former brother soldier who had been accused of theft. Thamian was an elven rogue who had the ability to change his appearance magically. He recognizes one of his aliases and confirms it with Kokoro. Thror and Kokoro shift the attentions of the King and his guard elsewhere while Todd approaches Thamian to determine his intentions.

While rifling through pockets and other “hidden areas”, Thamian spots Todd approaching and greets him quietly. Todd makes the suggestion to come along and request the King allow him to accompany the group on their mission. Thamian changes appearances again and agrees to see the him.

Upon seeing Thamian again, the King asks his guard to detain him because of theft. Todd speaks on behalf of Thamian and says he would be a benefit to the party. The King agrees to let him go as long as Thamian accepts a Geas spell saying he will bring the ore back to Steele. Thamian accepts the spell and is now on the hook to get this ore back to the kingdom or pay the penalty of the spell.

Jaque finds the halfling settlement in the center of town. The halflings were particularly hard hit by the war bands that attacked. They dmaged their courier service and killed several of the dogs they used as transport. Jaque finds out information that cofirms a representative from the country across the sea has a new ore that will be beneficial to the war cause. However, there was no mantion of a specific name of the representative.

K’Doth goes to the local library to seek out any information regarding any outsider presence recently. Herbert the librarian, a reformed Beholder, graciously greets him and is not so much a fountain of infomration but is just damn pleasant to be around. He even makes coffee! K’Doth discovers a reference to a group of Githzerai who were tasked with going after a special type of Mind Flayer known as a ulatharid. This is story sounds eerily like his own and may even indeed be a reference to this. Herbert is sore to see him go, wishes him well, and provides refreshment supon his departure.

Trig finds a Temple to Palor that is staffed by a fellow cleric. He inquires as to any needs and the priest says the outbuildings were damaged in the attacks. Trig donates 19 gold to the cause. The priest is gracious and in turn shares a wineskin of the (vingar-tasting) wine. Trig has a quaff and notes its similarity to dwarven feet.

Todd Silverkin also is part of the mage information group that tranports parts of spells and other information amongst the cadre. He has been asked to give a portion of a spell to Khalid in the town of Skegness. He studies the scroll and determines it is part of a spell that is supposed to prevent thrown rocks from being effective within a 40 foot radious centered on the target of the spell.

After setting sail from Astonhurst with specific orders from the King to get Prince Volstaag to Skegness and return to Steele with the ore, the party settles in to their routine and their palce on the Mary Celeste. Captain Standard is a hospitable host and sees to their needs aboard the ship. Prince Volstaag leads prayer studies aboard the ship and becomes the crew favorite.

Early one morning before sunrise, XO Metz is summoned to the Captain’s quarters by the steward to discover him dead with scorch marks across his body. With the only magic-users aboard the ship in the party, he sends the crew to bring them to the top of the ship. Jaque spots something moving to the east at high speed in the air and gives chase. After casting a spell, he and his bat speed up to get a glance at a large humanoid figure with red skin and horns with a large sword.

While the crew is being brought topside, Thror examines the Captain’s body to determine if there is any chance for him. He discovers that the captain has been dead for several hours by damage associated with the burns on his body. When Todd arrives topside, he confirms that the damage was caused by a Scorching Ray attack of 3 separate rays.

XO Metz is concerned that passengers may have had something to do with this. By then, Jaque returns from his encounter with the “Red Man” and relays the information to the party and the rest of the crew. K’Doth determines that by his description this sounds like an Efreet, an outsider from the plane of fire. Metz’s concerns are only eased in the sense that those responsible are more than likely not on the ship.

Thror later casts Speak with Dead and finds out that “the King” killed him because he “would not comply with his requests.” The party agrees to have a 24 hour watch schedule and sets that up for the night.

That night Trig hears talking coming from the crew compartment at the bow of the ship. He gets closer and makes out that the voices are terrified for some reason. He opens the door to the quarters and sees Captain Standard lecturing to a frightened crew. The Captain turns around and vanishes. Trig cries out a rush of air passes him and the alarm is sounded by Todd on the topdeck. Trig casts Detect Evil and senses overwhelming evil that stuns him.

Others awaken as Thror makes his way to the crew compartments. K’Doth wakes up and glimpses a puff of smoke at the end of the hallway. Trig is stunned and cannot respond to K’Doths questions. K’Doth investigates the smoke while Jaque surveys the area around the ship and Thror further investigates the ways off of the ship.

After more searching it is determined the creature got off of the ship by the air passage running on the outside of the ship into the Captain’s quarters along the edge of the ship. That next morning the ship arrives in a small cove at Seecey Island.

END – Second Session



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