Captain Vosh Standard

Capt of the Mary Celeste


Jovial and portly, Captain Standard is the owner and captain of the Mary Celeste. He has proven to be a reliable source for transport in Kingdom and on the high seas. This is not because of any accumen for the sea but rather for two specific reasons: a very charismatic personality and a gift for picking the best people for this crew.

Captain Standard has taken an ebulant personality and successfully turned it into a going venture. He has a knack for being able to talk the merchants into having their goods transferred from one point to another on his ship. It has been said of him that he could sell a red Dragon his own gold back and make it feel like it had a deal.

Secondly, the Captain has hand-picked a crew of exceedingly capable seaman led by his XO Lionel Metz. Each of his crew is certainly capable of commanding their own ship, but the captain has discovered that if you give the crew just enough money to keep them from quitting, they will not be capable of buying their own ship and you can make them think they won’t have any reason to leave.

Captain Vosh Standard

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