Queen Victoria

Co-Ruler of Lincycum


The Power behind the Throne

Queen Victoria is the Co-Ruler of Lincycum with her husband King Rowan. She was wed to the King almost 20 years ago in an arranged marriage from the neighboring kingdom of Eratrea. She was raised in the tradition of Eratrean royalty to be a Priest of Heironeous. She was considered gifted in terms of her priestly studies and was seen as a cement for the kingdoms continued alliance. Ever since her marriage she has continued her studies but has taken up the arcane arts as is a tradition of the Lincycum line.

She is considered among the court as the true power behind the throne because of her command of financial and international affairs. The King does not seem to mind because he has total control of the military. They do not have any rivalries for power and work together confidently and efficiently to attain safety and prosperity for the kingdom.

She understands that the course of the war with the borderlands forces could be decided in the next few months. King Rowan is now totally consumed with the military and arcane forces. He leaves all other matters of state to the Queen. Queen Victoria has been presented with an opportunity to turn the tides of war in their favor by an alliance with the Principality of Skegness across the sea. They have offered a new material that could be beneficial to their cause.


STR-10 DEX-12 Con-14 Int-17 Wis-18 Cha-20

Cleric (10), Wizard (5)


Queen Victoria

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