A King's Lament


The Guard’s Perspective

“Louis, who are they?”
“I don’t know Nicholas, but they are King’s guards troops for sure. Do you see the insignia?”
“I do, but why are they here? This is for an audience with the Queen. Also, look at them. They are still covered in road dirt. You would think they could have made a better appearance before Her Highness.”
“I talked to Maggie in the stables. She said they were summoned at all haste to appear before the Queen. They haven’t been here for more than an hour. I don’t know if they even have had time to make water much less clean themselves. Besides, Maggie says they were guarding a keep in the northen regions. They ran into a roving band of Ogres that had been taking people alive for some reason. The King himself suggested them.”
“Adrian in finance said they were to be given money and provisions to travel as well as ships and a crew. He also said the Queen authorized an outlay from the Treasury of 2 million gold to be transferred in several shipments to some backwater principality across the sea. Is she mad?”
“Bite your tongue Louis!! Know your place, man! The Queen is the best hope for our home and you know it! This all started with the diplomat from Lonensdale. He’s a second-rate ambassador from a third-rate country, but he shows up for an audience with the Queen and thirty minutes later, people were scrambling. It’s damn odd. What sway does he hold? What’s that? I hear movement inside the chambers. Remember your place and guard the Queen with your life. The King may trust these troops but I do not.”


Todd starts his game,
With Shakespearean prose,
I know not my character’s name,
Yet, already the story grows.


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